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Healthy Athletes - FUNFitness Event during the World Aquatics at San Juan, Puerto Rico

Large group of Healthy Athletes FUNFitness volunteers gather together to show their support for Special Olympics.
FUNFitness volunteers
Last Saturday, September 15, 2012 during the World Aquatics at San Juan Puerto Rico, the Clinical Director, Dr. Neysha Miranda with a team of 107 professionals (physiotherapists, assistant of physiotherapists, and students of physical therapy) screened more than 2oo athletes in the FUNfitness clinic at the 1rst World Aquatics in San Juan Puerto Rico. FUNfitness is part of Healthy Athletes, and it aims to screen flexibility, functional strength, balance and aerobic condition;educate athletes, families and coaches about how to improve function and performance, and provide a hands-on opportunity for athletes to learn about physical therapy and its role in fitness. All athletes receive educational resources at each screening, including an “Athlete Scorecard” tailored to improve flexibility, strength, balance and aerobic fitness for each individual screened.

About Me:

I'm the Clinical Director of FUNfitness SO Puerto Rico, and Latin America Regional Clinical Advisor.