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A Life Time Devoted to Special Olympics

In 1968, I was asked if I wanted to chaperon 4 girls to the first Special Olympics World Games. I said I would be delighted. My favorite saying is "Special Olympics is very Contagious. Go to one event and you are hooked on it." From the first World Games I have devoted my life to Special Olympics and I will until God calls me home. I coach 8 Sports, I am the secretary on all the Games Committees, I belong to the Law Enforcement Torch Run and I am on the President's Advisory Board for the State of Texas.


Mrs. Shriver had an "Impossible Dream" that one day the Intellectual Disabled would be treated the same as normal people. Through Special Olympics this dream of Mrs. Shriver's is becoming true today. I can remember her wonderful words of encouragement to the athletes that day in 1968. At that time no one ever believed that the Intellectually Disabled would go as far as they have today. I just wish God would give me 50 more years to devote to Special Olympics.

About Me:

I am an 83 years old widow. I have a Masters Degree in Special Education and I taught the Intellectually Disabled for 35 years. I have devoted my entire life for 50 years to Special Olympics. I have foster son who is 55 years old and is Intellectually Disabled. I play in all the sports I coach with my athletes. I always say Special Olympics keeps you healthy.