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A Reflection On My Internship

Getting involved in Project Management training with other SOI staff.
The word that comes to mind that describes my experience as an intern here in SOI’s Legal Department is “enlightenment.” Gaining a deeper understanding about the Special Olympics’ many roles beyond sports, such as their involvement in schools to end bullying, has strengthened the appreciation I hold for this organization. However, my appreciation before was already substantial, especially as someone who was a Division 1 athlete and knows the dedication it takes to excel, the unique relationships you make with team members, and the happiness you feel when you score a goal. Sports have helped me gain invaluable life lessons, so this aspect of the organization shouldn’t be discounted. Yet, it’s important to understand that this organization is so much more. Not only is SO an advocate for those with intellectual disabilities, but it is also an organization that helps these individuals grow professionally, as citizens of the world, and as members of their communities.

About Me:

I am a senior at Bucknell University, and I aspire to study and practice law in order to help others help themselves.