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A Truly Special Volunteer Experience

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Team Australia volunteers, Isabelle, Alexandra and Chloe filing stories from the football competition.
Being a spectator and volunteer at our first major Special Olympics competition – the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games – was an enjoyable and truly honorable experience. It was so exciting watching teams battle it out against each other and hearing the cheering and encouragement regardless of a victory or loss. Supporting the Australia vs Australia men’s division 1 basketball final was particularly exciting as both sides played with everything they had to make for a very tight and fiercely contested game. The speed, strength and overall skill shown by all athletes was absolutely inspiring. When the final whistle blew the two Australian sides came together to share their enthusiasm for the competition and respect for their opponents. The teams joined together in a final cheer and gave a bow to the audience, faces beaming. This highlighted the spirit and sportsmanship that embodies Special Olympics. See you again soon!

About Me:

Team Australia volunteers at Special Olympiccs Asia Pacific Games and students at Ravenswood School for Girls, Sydney.


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