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A World Where My Daughter Can Shine

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Being myself on the stage!

Meg's highlight in 2017 was to participate in the World Winter Games as a dancer. She had an opportunity to showcase her passion and hidden ability to express herself on a professional stage. Meg's costume was created by a friend's mom who listened to Meg's quiet voice, and the dance was choreographed by her long-time dance teacher who focused on Meg's abilities, not her disabilities. Verbal communication has been Meg's biggest challenge, and she continues to deal with anxiety issues. The loud cheering she received at the Winter Games were heartfelt and unforgettable. All of her hard work has paid off.

Special Olympics has given many valuable and memorable moments to Meg, as well as rewarding feelings of encouragement for the future to her family. They are our vitamins for our well-being and dignity, and vehicles to move forward.

Thank you Special Olympics!

About Me:

I am a mother of a beautiful athlete (figure skating, Rhythmic gymnastics, Dancing) with Down syndrome. The journey to find a world where my daughter, Meg would shine has been incredible.


Thank you for letting me be me