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Alex at the 2014 USA Games

Alex participated in the 2014 Special Olympic USA games in aquatics. We are so proud of him winning three gold medals. We are grateful to Warren Special Recreation of Gurnee, Ill. and to Special Olympics of Illinois for giving him and his family an unforgettable adventure. I don't know what Alex liked more--winning gold or the whole experience of flying with Team Illinois and spending a week with the other athletes. He has been on Fox News and interviewed for several local newspapers. The whole experience has had such a positive effect on his personality. Alex eagerly has gone with us wearing his medals to family get togethers where previously he would prefer to stay home. Thank you for making my son (and his family) so happy.

About Me:

I am a retired pediatric nurse. I graduated from the University of Florida and have worked in the NICU, regular newborn nursery, special care nursery, mother-baby post partum care and a regular pediatric floor with patients up to age 18 years. Alex has two older sisters, one is a PICU nurse and the other has specialty framing business in Chicago.