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Alpine Skiing Training Seminar and Camp in Murau, Austria

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30 athletes and coaches (including family members) from 7 countries (Austria, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Croatia, Monaco and Denmark) took part in the 10th edition of the Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia Alpine Skiing Camp in Murau, Austria on November 30 - December 7th. Special skiers were strongly supported by four German skiing instructors, students from Halle Sports University with their mentor prof. Rolf Blanke. Great weather and slope conditions made this camp very successful and full program and goals including slalom competitions were achieved. At the same time 10 coaches from 7 countries took part in the 4-days training seminar called "Free Motion" conducted by prof.Heinz Petanjek, former coach of professional team of Austrian skiers. Selected for this course key national coaches were extremely pleased to know new approach on teaching and coaching skiing on short carving skis. The event in Murau was strongly supported by Special Olympics Austria and National Director Marc Angelini. Thank you Marc!

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I am a Sports Director at Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.