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An Evening at the European Parliament

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Special Olympics Belgium Athlete Ambassador André Schepers and President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani at the event in European Parliament honoring Austria 2017.

What better way to celebrate the success of World Winter Games 2017 in Austria then to attend an event held to honour it at the European Parliament! Parliament Member Heinz K. Becker and his colleagues who generously supported Austria 2017 Games invited the Special Olympics family for an evening in Brussels. President of the Parliament Antonio Tajani joined the 100 guests for the occasion. He said: "I am proud that the European Union and in particular the European Parliament, supported the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games. I am very happy, Heinz, for your work. I am proud of you and the Members of the European Parliament who strongly engaged in these issues. I will support every initiative in favour of the Special Olympics!" Two Special Olympics athletes, Johanna Pramstellar and André Schepers took the stage following Mr. Tajani to share their emotions and give him gifts. A wonderful get together remembering the remarkable success in Austria, well done to everyone involved!

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