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Athlete Leadership Blooms in Burkina Faso

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Special Olympics is an athlete-led organization and athlete leaders are identified and encouraged to develop and become spokespersons for their teammates, their program and for the region. Special Olympics Burkina Faso held its first Athlete Leadership Program workshop in Ouagadougou recently. Athlete Input Councils are structured and designed to give athletes a platform to voice their opinions on all elements of Special Olympics. The councils allow athletes to provide input, direction and feedback to their team mates and programs. Burkina Faso and Mauritius are the two most recent programs to establish AICs. Special Olympics Burkina Faso's Athlete Leadership Program workshop in Ouagadougou was held at the Servants of Christ Association workshop room. It was attended by 26 athletes, 26 mentors, and 17 coaches from the 17- sub programs. The Board and the National Director of SOBF, Ms. Annick Pikbougoum, were present to welcome the athletes and coaches and share the objectives and benefits of the training. The Special Olympics Mauritius Program identified 13 athletes to form an Athlete Input Council during an event overseen by the Program's Chairperson, Mr. Jean Marie Malepa, and National Director, Mr. Satyagan Choytun.

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