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Ava’s Gold Medal

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Ava’s Birthday Wish was a Medal

Ava Walsh and Megan Hounsell train together regularly in the same Special Olympics' club (Mt. Pearl, NL). Both girls qualified for team NL to compete at national summer games 2018 in Rhythmic Gymnastics. The days were long and the weather hot but the girls persevered. For Megan this would be her 4th National games. For Ava, at age 15, this would be her first ever national competition. Ava’s birthday wish this year was to earn a national medal. However, despite all her training and an excellent performance Ava did not medal in either of her events. This was a heartbreaking turn of events, her wish was simply not meant to be and she was extremely disappointed.

The following day, after the gymnastics medal ceremony, at the airport for the flight back home, Ava showed up wearing the coveted gold medal. Rather then see her teammate come home empty handed Megan gave Ava one of her gold medals to have.

About Me:

Mom of three including Special Olympics athlete, Ava Walsh.