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Darryl’s Love – Parent edition

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The Jordan family during Christmas Tara Jordan (left front) Darryl Jordan Sr. (Right front) Darryl Jordan Jr.(left back)

When welcoming your bundle of joy, many parents just hope for ten fingers and toes. No one expects to have a child with special needs. Darryl’s mother Tara Jordan said, “at first I questioned what I did wrong and what am I supposed to take away from having a child with special needs”. Unlike Tara Jordan who accepted and asked questions right away, Darryl Jordan Jr.’s father Darryl Jordan Sr. did not accept his son having a disability. He said jokingly “I was in denial for 25 years.” The first thing that went through his mind when he found out his son had special needs was “Darryl did not have a disability” he said. Patience was the key Darryl’s success. There were ups and downs, but his mother had to make sure that Darryl knew who he was. The main lesson that can be learned from having a child with special needs Tara said is to “never give up no matter how hard life can get”. Darryl Sr. said “He brings out the best in you. He taught me that you can do and be whatever you want to."

About Me:

I attend Mount St Mary's University as a communications major. Also, I am an intern for special Olympics Maryland.