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Darryl’s Love - Sibling Edition

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Darryl Jordan (left) Dylan Jordan (middle) Tenia Jordan (right)

Like any normal family I have two brothers, one older and one younger making me the middle child and only girl. My family differs from a few because I have a sibling with special needs. Darryl has participated in Special Olympics since the age of twelve but decided to give sports a rest in 2014 after his first and last competition in track and field at the USA games in New Jersey. From the age of five if not younger, I knew my brother had delays and I would be his spokesperson when necessary. Our brother Dylan and I share, that our favorite attribute of Darryl is he is very kind and helpful. Dylan said, “He is very helpful, and helps to calm me down when I am upset.”

Growing up as siblings to a brother with a disability can be challenging and frustrating, but also cause one to grow up faster, and to understand unconditional love. The challenges Darryl faces everyday caused us to become better and stronger people in the process.

About Me:

I am a college student at Mount St Mary's University. I study communications and aspire to be a journalist. I am an intern at Special Olympics Maryland.