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"Disability" Isn't My Name

I am often asked what a "paraprofessional" is and what my job duties are. I simply reply. "I work with children that have disabilities. Most often, the response you receive is "wow! that is amazing! You are a very special person and have such a kind heart." However, I don't look at my profession and think that it makes me a wonderful person. I look at my profession as a way to provide guidance and love to children with disabilities. An individual with a disability in the classroom is the same as the individual nextdoor who just aced his Spanish test. They all have amazing qualities which makes a person who they are. My student isn't afraid to be quirky and silly. My student isn't afraid to stand for his rights. These kids are the amazing and kind ones, not the people that provide guidance. My students are the greatest thing that could have walked into my life. They have taught me more than I have taught them. I am so proud of the accomplishments my students have done!

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