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Don't Just Sit, Do Something! - Unity Through Diversity

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One favorite memory was the opening ceremony. When the teams were getting in, different countries were standing and uniting. It made us capture that different African countries can unite with our love of the game for sports, uniting around our beautiful cultures, such as the African drum beat and the singing and dancing. We are uniting to accept everyone as he or she is because they are all made up by god. What were we doing at the youth summit? Getting to know other people's cultures and where are they from, what can disabled people do that we cannot do, how to build connections and network with each other. It is all about the youth - it has to start with us and it has to grow with us so that we can change the mindset of the people. It helps us to treat people equally, even if they are disabled or different from us. It is not the disabilities that count it is the abilities. It is also helping us to be leaders of tomorrow and to spread the word of the Special Olympics to make a change in our communities. We hope that you will help us to spread the message of Special Olympics - to treat everyone equally, the way they deserve to be treated and the way you would like to be treated.

About Me:

We are a group from the youth summit South Africa Special Olympics and we would like to make a difference. Boitumelo Mokua, Karabo Moloto, Tlotlo Pheho,Neo Rammutla, Thabo Botele,Olerao Seemise, Olebogeng Segope,Motheo Molefe....