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Elvira Goagoses Dream Comes True!

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I am on the right in a blue jersey.
I have been playing football for Special Olympics Namibia since 2009 and was selected to play on the Special Olympics Unified Football team that participated in the 2010 Football For Hope Festival in South Africa which coincided with the FIFA World Cup.

I continued playing and also part time volunteering as an assistant coach at the Katutura Football For Hope Centre, in Memory of Eunice Kennedy Shriver in Namibia and also attended the Regional Athlete Leadership training (ALPs) held in Namibia in 2011. I was very happy when I was selected to be part the Unified 7-a-side team that participated in the Unity Cup in South Africa in Rustenburg from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2012.

Going to South Africa was a dream come true to me. I have learned to be a team leader and how to communicate well with others. I used to be a very shy person but participating in such a big tournament boosted my confidence.

When I came back from the Unity Cup, I started playing street soccer with the friends I made on this Unified team. Some of these friends registered and started playing regular club football with a local women club team in Namibia called Blue Waters Football Club. The club is one of the top level women teams in the women’s league in the Namibia.

 The coach for the Blue Waters saw me playing on the street after she was informed by my friends and he noted my skills and was very happy with the way I played so he invited me to try out for the team. I was very excited when I made the team as this has been my dream, to play high level football one day in my life.

After a few months playing with the Blue Waters, I am now a starting striker on the team. This is a big achievement for me. I play with players without disabilities and I can do what they can and even much better than most of them. I love Special Olympics so much because it opened this door for me.

About Me:

I am 17 years old. I am a Special Olympics Namibia athlete specialized in football.