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Fifty Years of Bravery and Joy: The Mike Stone Story

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Mike Stone had never felt such a mix of nerves and excitement before in his life. He had mustered up the courage to get on the plane and had flown over 500 miles for this. He felt it in the pit of his stomach that this moment would change his life.

As Stone stood outside of the stadium, he peered over at his fellow Greensboro athletes and saw his own feelings reflected on their faces. They were beaming with joy as they held their North Carolina banner, ready to march with 1,000 other athletes with intellectual disabilities from across the country and even Canada.

They marched right into Soldier Field to the sound of applause and cheering. Once the marching was done, Stone thought to himself, “it can’t get much better than this!”

But then he heard words floating through the air.

About Me:

I am the Communications Manager for Special Olympics North Carolina.