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Haitian Athletes Go Far with Help from Many

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The delegation from Special Olympics Haiti
The 18 Special Olympics athletes that Haiti sent to the 2015 Special Olympics World Games were just the vanguard of the country's 1,000 plus athletes.

BoulderShares was proud to be a conduit, participant and partner during the chain of events leading up to, through and after the games. BoulderShares worked directly with Fondation DIGICEL and Special Olympics Haiti, and the host town of Redondo Beach near Los Angeles. The Horwitz Family Memorial Foundation matched BoulderShares. Additional gifts-in-kind were procured by BoulderShares from Newton® Running, Fresh Produce, BoCo Gear and Advanced Systems Group. Special Olympics Haiti enjoyed the support from numerous in-country and other sponsors.

Even while in Los Angeles for the World Games last July, Haiti got unexpected help. A local Haitian American student of philanthropy at UCLA named Mia was inspired by an impromptu soccer match and mobilized resources in the stands to purchase brand new soccer gear for the Haitian team.

Haiti was one of 165 countries represented at the games, sending 18 athletes, six coaches and four parents. The Caribbean country has participated moderately in Special Olympics events in the past 45 years. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the country’s involvement became greater with the Special Olympics organization establishing a five-year strategic plan to restructure and renew the Haitian chapter. Today, more than 1,000 young people participate in Special Olympics Haiti programs throughout the country. From sporting events and youth programs to health screenings and basic wellness education, Special Olympics Haiti has well as over 20 supporting organizations have engaged communities through many and varied mediums.

About Me:

I work for BoulderShares, a nonprofit in Boulder, Colorado, doing our part for Haiti and her neighbors. “BoulderShares” was the name first given to loosely organized events and missions whereby soft goods were procured from local Boulder-area companies, shipped via American Airlines® and distributed to less fortunate communities in the Caribbean basin and Central America.


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