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Healthy Athlete Screenings on the Mascarene Islands for EKS Day

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A MedFest volunteer takes a Young Athlete through her health screenings on Rodrigues Island, Mauritius.
The EKS Day celebrations of Special Olympics Mauritius were held over two days, with Healthy Athletes screenings taking place both on the mainland and on Rodrigues Island. The Healthy Athlete screenings attracted a number of new families to attend their first Special Olympics event, and many MedFest health screenings were completed. The Commissioner of Arts and Culture also attended the events to show their support of EKS Day and Special Olympics’ work in Mauritius. Special Olympics Mauritius members took the opportunity to present a tribute of Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s life and legacy, as well as a film screening. Relates Satyagan Choytun, “Parents and especially women were inspired by watching and learning about Eunice Kennedy Shriver. The work of the great lady increased their determination to bring change into the lives of their children and other athletes with intellectual disabilities through the practice of sports”.

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I am the National Director of Special Olympics Mauritius.


For more photos of the events, visit the Special Olympics Mauritius Facebook page here.