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Healthy Athletes: A Grand Vision

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Alex Hopkinson (right) with his friend Cory Lovell

22-year-old Alex Hopkinson isn't the type to complain. A talented tennis player, from Nottingham in the UK, Alex was enjoying competition at the SOGB national games in Sheffield this summer when his coach Matt Whitehead suggested a trip to Healthy Athletes. Here Alex enjoyed a full array of screenings to his eyes, ears, feet, and teeth. A prescription for glasses followed. But what happened next shocked everyone. 'Arising out of Healthy Athletes, Alex was referred to a hospital consultant for more tests,' explains Mum Sue. 'They discovered Alex has Keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease that causes sight loss. Until the Lions Club International Opening Eyes screening, we had no idea that Alex was suffering from this. He isn't the type to come and complain about anything - he just gets on.' Alex is now receiving more treatment. Sue says the experience illustrates how important Healthy Athletes is. 'Thanks to Healthy Athletes we know about this serious condition and can help Alex.'

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