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I've learned to love doing different sports!

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Dear Eunice Kennedy Shriver,


I want to thank you for starting the Unified Sport movement! My name is Kareena Strait and My Story involves playing Softball, Soccer, and Basketball Unified Sports and learning that I have a love for Sport through Special Olympics. I have met many interesting people and become more social through this Program and I've loved being physically active during basketball games and meeting people. I am a female and I thought it would be hard to meet different people but I have learned that it is not such a bad idea and that I can even have fun and do it! Thank you! I will celebrate your work and it is so important that I feel I need to tell people about what your purpose was in creating Special Olympics for people like me and those with ID. I have Asperger's Syndrome and I was diagnosed in 2009. Thankfully, I have become a lot healthier since then and have benefited through Sport!

About Me:

I am currently 29 years old and have one pet named Kendria.