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Introducing SIGA Champion Gilmour Borg

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Special Olympics athlete Gilmour Borg from Malta speaking at the announcement of his new role as "SIGA Champion" at the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) Forum in Lisbon, Portugal on July 26th. The event was also attended by David Evangelista, President and Managing Director, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.

Celebrations are in order for the Special Olympics movement with the appointment of Special Olympics Malta Athlete Leader Gilmour Borg as a SIGA Champion.

He was honored during the second edition of the SIGA Sport Integrity Forum in Lisbon, Portugal.

The appointment marked the first time in Europe an athlete with intellectual disabilities has been engaged in such a high profile ambassadorial capacity outside of the Special Olympics movement.

Speaking at the launch event of the new SIGA Champions, Borg explained why sport, and in particular Special Olympics, is so important to his life.

“Special Olympics is my second family. It’s my second life. Before joining, I was bullied at school, other students looked at me differently, and I was angry and used to take all of my anger out at home.”

Special Olympics is proud of Gilmour’s journey to success and welcomes the opportunity, provided by devoted partner SIGA, of a new dimension of recognition of Special Olympics athletes´ achievements on and off the sports field.

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