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Jamaican Floorball Team Members Surprise Their Guest Coach

The head coach of a pro floorball team took a careful look at the way the Special Olympics Jamaica Maroons play, and he wasn’t impressed. But when he saw their eagerness to learn and the effort they put into practice, he saw reasons to be hopeful. Pavel Krikian of Czech Republic was visiting Jamaica last fall and winter. He’s the head coach of the Jamaica Men’s floorball team, and he agreed to help out the Special Olympics Jamaica team while he was there. He focused on basic skills, shooting and teamwork, the tactics that make teams better. “After almost 2 months I went home for Christmas with a feeling there is only very little improvement (or even none). Wrong eyes.” he said. “I was amazed how big progress everybody made and saw only flashes of those previous beginner pains in terms of play.” At the time he left in February, he noted with approval that the team had boosted practices to twice a week, “And I was surprised how quickly they adapted to the system I wanted them to stick with,” he said. Krikien said he was happy to see that longtime athletes and others welcomed being part of the practices and learned to see the game from a new perspective.

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