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Katy's Swimming Improvement

I have been in Special Olympics since i was age 8 and my first sport was swimming. All along i hated swimming on my back because I was afraid I was going to sink so i had to build up my confidence. Last year I went to Corvallis for competition and I only did freestyle. So this year I have been working on my back stroke. I'm pretty excited about competition this year because my coach asked me if I wanted to swim a 50m back stroke race and I said yes!! So I'm 28 years old now and I have come so far in swimming for special Olympics. 20 years later and I'm getting stronger as a swimmer and I couldn't be happier. My name is Katy Ceglia and I really hope to win a gold medal but if I win a silver or bronze medal that will tell me I tried my best gave it my all and ill try even harder next year!!!! I can definitely do this, I have come this far ill never give up hope. Swimming is my favorite sport in Special Olympics and I have enough confidence to win a gold medal!!!!

About Me:

I started Special Olympics when I was 8 years old I'm an identical twin to my sister Julie. I have been diagnosed with developmental delay I really enjoy swimming in Special Olympics it was my first sport I ever did and its my favorite sport ever. I'm 28 years old and this is my 20th year doing Special Olympics. I'm not going to quit because I love the year round sports. It keeps me busy and active, and its a part of my life.