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Looking Back 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago, I worked for the Chicago Park District in the administration building during my summer break from university. I had the pleasure to meet and work for Anne McGlone—a sensitive, bright, and creative young woman, who worked in the Department of Recreation. It was Anne's idea to provide a program for children with Down's syndrome and other special needs. The program was modeled after the Olympic games—with some modifications. We hand made medals for the kids and supervised the activities which were held in Soldier Field for two - three days.

The program eventually expanded under Anne McGlone Burke's dedication - eventually becoming the international program it is today. The Honorable Anne Burke is truly a hero who has been a voice for children throughout her career as as an attorney and a Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court.

About Me:

I currently teach English at Saint Ignatius College Prep in Chicago, Illinois. It was my participation in the formation of the Special Olympics back in 1967/1968 in Chicago which inspired me to become an educator. In addition to my work with high school students, I conduct leadership seminars for teachers in Jesuit schools in the United States and Canada. I also taught in Xiamen, China for eight weeks.