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My Special Olympics OneWorld
I was born in Alexandria, Egypt. My journey began when I was 3 years old when my parents, as Christians, migrated from Egypt to pursue a better life. We traveled to Lebanon where my father was captured and barely escaped being killed. We found our way to Athens, Greece where I learned Greek and resided for 3 years. From there we continued on to Alberta, Canada where we resided for another 3 years. Eventually we completed our journey to America and planted our roots in Southern California around January 10th. 1983. 40 years later after traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, my father volunteering with the U.S. Army during the war and receiving the Bronze Star and my mother herself living with a disability the one thing that I really wanted to do was be a part of The Special Olympics. That dream came true this summer of 2015 where not only did I get the opportunity to participate, volunteer and interact with the athletes but also Honored to be able to present medals.

About Me:

I'am 44 years old married with 4 boys. Reside in Southern California. Love boating, riding motorcycles and flying planes. Want to dedicate my free time to helping foster care kids and working with the Special Olympics.