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Portable Bocce courts build Special Olympics participation in New Zealand

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Special Olympics athletes playing bocce at the New Zealand Special Olympics National Summer Games

The Special Olympics New Zealand National Summer Games Bocce tournament was played at the Hutt Indoor Sports center from 27-30 November, 2017 using inflatable ‘Packabocce’ courts from Packaworld International, which first transformed Bocce in New Zealand in 2013.

Regional Sports Coordinator Jayden Richards said the event was closely contested between athletes from 10 New Zealand clubs.

“From my perspective, the most important thing is for athletes to enjoy themselves and have a fair competition. Anything that makes it easier for them to do this is of huge value."

“The athletes really enjoyed the chance to compete on a national stage, and I think the courts were outstanding. I came in a little earlier each day and mostly set them up myself, which saved our volunteers a bit of time.”

Packabocce courts also left a legacy after the 2013 Asia Pacific Special Olympics in New South Wales, Australia and the 2017 Latin American Special Olympics in Panama City, Panama.

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Portable Bocce Courts Build Special Olympics Participation - New Zealand