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When I was younger I thought I would never be a champion. I always wanted to win a trophy or medallion or at least something to hold onto forever. When I was in 5th grade I got asked to participate in the Special Olympics in Orno, ME, and I agreed, me and my team 2nd place in bocce. Just remember these things: 

•You never know unless you try 

•It's not always about winning 

•You always win something, a memory 

•Have confidence and faith.

About Me:

I am a shy but brave girl I was born August 18, 2005 I love: •My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic •Five Nights at Freddy's •Zootopia •ROBLOX My personality: •Shy •Confident •Random •Funny And I am always trying to get a laugh out of people Oh, got to go! *Runs and trips over nothing, gets up and runs again*