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She can be seen, Special Olympics athlete Saga Hänninen

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Saga competes in three sports.
Saga is 16 years old Special Olympics down syndrome athlete in three sports, alpine skiing, rhythmic gymnastics and equestrian. She started to do equestrian at age of five. At same winter she started to do alpine skiing with a lot of help. And a lot help was needed for years, before she was able to ski herself. Saga has always loved to dance and when her little sister started to do rhythmic gymnastics Saga started to practice rhythmic gymnastics as well, but only at home, because there wasn't any places for her where to do gymnastics until one was found in 2014. Saga got a great coach and was chosen team Finland in rhythmic gymnastics to compete in LA Special Olympics World Games in 2015. Now she is on her way to Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria competing in alpine skiing, she feels that she is a real athlete with goals. Special Olympics has given her visibility in society, she can be seen, not only a one with Down syndrome, but an individual person who is athlete.

About Me:

Proud father of Special Olympics athlete, who is doing his best to make Special Olympics family more visible and known all over the societies.


Sagas hoop performance in market place when Special Olympics team Finland was presenting themselves to public before LA2015 World Games
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