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Stand Up - Come Together and Learn From One Another

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First meeting elementary school and athletes
The elementary School Heiligenkreuz a.W. became partner school of four olympionics from the Lebenshilfe Pöllau. Brigitte, Elfi, Thomas and Andreas started in the discipline Snowshoe Running. The first contact happened with a letter and the first meeting was a training together in the elementary school Heiligenkreuz a.W. in December 2016.This Meeting was so special and warm that we met again in January 2017. The children, teachers and all other people who where involved in this project were so satisfied from the idea of inclusion and this day showed how easy it can be. The highlight was the travel to the Special Olympics competition in Ramsau. 140 people (104 children and 36 adults) drove 3 hours from the Southstyria to Ramsau to cheer the athletes. It was a wonderful day, sunshine in the stadium and much more sunshine in our hearts. The athletes won gold, silver and bronze in the 100 and 200 meters snowshoeing. We are looking forward to our the next meeting

About Me:

We are a small sport club and we offer different sport-s and social activities for the whole family. We have a good cooperation with the elementary school Heiligenkreuz a.W.. We try to convert our ideas together.