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Thank you to the special olympians for teaching us

Thanks to these special athletes and their families for taking the time to share themselves with us. They have made our world a better place by teaching people how to care.

Tom Healy volunteered at the 1968 games and was forever inspired by the athletes. The Special Olympians sparked within him a spirit of fortitude to work towards inclusion throughout his life.

He brought inclusion to the speed skating clubs he coached and exposed new communities to the positivity of these athletes through his creation of a unique special needs skating competition. He introduced new people to the unique joys and challenges of Special Olympian families. For him, inclusion was not just for the benefit of the Special Olympians. The inclusion educated his nationally competitive athletes and their families; it fostered compassion, understanding and acceptance.

About Me:

Have coached short track speed skating and volunteer as referre at special Olympics winter games. Illinois