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The 2017 Africa Leadership Conference kicks off soon!

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Naomi Saliu-Lawal, Special Olympics Nigeria National Director and Satyagan Choytun, Special Olympics Mauritius National Director, in discussion during the 2016 Leadership Conference

The 2017 Africa Leadership Conference will be held from 24-28 April in South Africa. A total of 92 participants are expected to attend the conference, including 18 athlete leaders attending an Athlete Leadership Congress and 7 youth leaders attending a Youth Summit to run concurrently to the Leadership Conference. 45 Chairpersons, including National Directors, will be attending the 5 day conference. 

The conference will be led by 14 facilitators, 7 from Special Olympics headquarters while 7 will be a combination of invited local facilitators and program leaders. On Sunday 23 April, a day before the kickoff of the conference, the Africa Leadership Council and Africa’s Athlete Input Council will hold their formal annual meetings. 

The leadership conference agenda includes some important sessions such as the Special Olympics Connect, the 50th Anniversary celebrations, resource mobilization, and many more. The Africa Region Leadership Conference has been held every year since 2014, and delegates are looking forward to this enriching event!

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