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The Community of Sport: Alpine Skier Matthew Fields

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Matthew Fields
Special Olympics Canada athlete Matthew Fields is a perfect example of the joy and intensity that underpins a love of sport. “I love skiing with my friends, and I love competing, but the thrill of it is just going fast, which is just a complete blast!” Matthew is a 24-year-old alpine skier from Toronto, and he’s been involved with Special Olympics for 12 years now. He’s passionate about achieving the highest level of his sport, but that’s just part of the story. The people who surround Matthew keep him inspired. The relationships and community of support he’s experienced have been a highlight of his career as a skier. To new athletes, he’s got one message: “Come on out. Try it out.” When you talk to Matt, you really get a sense of how grateful he is for every bit of support he’s received: his family, his fellow athletes, sponsors, and every level of Special Olympics, from the local to the international. It’ll be amazing to see him compete at the 2017 World Winter Games in Austria!

About Me:

I’m a member of the Microsoft Canada team. My sister Allison works in communications with Special Olympics Canada, and together we’re passionate about empowering athletes


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