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The Hills Are Still Alive in Austria

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Special Olympics athletes on the slopes in Austria for the first-ever Special Olympics Unified Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding Camp.

The first-ever Special Olympics Unified Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding Camp took place in Austria in December. 60 Alpine skiers and coaches from nine countries attended the Camp in the same hills that hosted Austria 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games earlier in the year. All of the participants practised skiing techniques for the two days, training on the very demanding slope #32 which was used during Austria 2017. On the last day of the camp, everybody took part in the G-Slalom competition with the great support of Schladming Skiing Club. Beata Stachura who attended the camp as a coach representing Special Olympics Poland stated: “This was a fantastic camp. The Polish athletes who attended the camp could put themselves in the shoes of their team members who had the privilege of competing during Austria 2017 World Winter Games in March and loved the experience. Everyone enjoyed the great hospitality and new friendships. Thank you to the organizers for such a great legacy event.”

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