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The Joy of Lulu

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Here is Lulu's history with Special Olympics full of trials and triumphs.

Lourdes Amezcua Dominguez was born in the city of Mexico on July 25th, 2967. She has participated in Special Olympics since she was 30 in various states of the Mexican Republic. She has received more than 50 medals in swimming, hockey and athletics.


In Special Olympics, Lulu found a possibility of development, inclusion, equality and hope. Being a Special Olympics athlete changed her destiny.


Today, Lourdes is thankful for her teachers. Her great dream is to participate in a World Games. She trains 3 days a week and has great pride for her family. Since there is Lulu, there is joy.

About Me:

I am Guadalupe Domínguez, mother of Lulu. I have accompanied my daughter in these 30 years of athlete in Special Olympics. I am very grateful, because my daughter has developed in sport. I want to leave my testimony that yes we can integrate our children into society and share hope with younger parents. And this is thanks to the great family that is SPECIAL OLYMPICS.