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The Joy of Sports, All Year Long

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Rabah Kino is a multisport athlete who knows a few things about finding joy and success through sports. He’s an athlete from Lebanon who excels at both summer sports, including roller skating, and winter sports (alpine skiing is his specialty).

You can see his love of skiing -- and hear from his biggest fan (his mom) -- in the video at the link below.

After this video made, while training for the 2013 World Winter Games, Rabah fell hard – and was badly injured. Doctors told him that he’d never ski again. This was tragic news, because skiing was Rabah’s life. Skiing was also one way he’d been able to demonstrate his talents and gifts to everyone.

But Special Olympics coaches and volunteers – and his supportive family -- helped Rabah find new hope with a new sport. They encouraged him to start taking up swimming. Soon, he started getting good. Really good. Soon Rabah was tapped for Lebanon’s swim team at the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles.

Rabah hasn’t stopped since. This March, he’s taking on talented swimmers from all across the Middle East and North Africa at the 2018 Special Olympics MENA Regional Games in Abu Dhabi.

And the minute he returns from the 2018 MENA Games, he'll be looking ahead to the 2019 World Games. Now in his 40s, Rabah has opened in a new chapter in his sports career: competing in open water swimming!

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