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The story of Ahman

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During the 2013 Camp Shriver, we recruited a new athlete called Ahman. He had never played basketball before. He was frail and walked with difficulty. He started the camp with other new athletes. And what surprised me was that after two days, he began to handle the ball well and he was even able to shoot. He was so happy to make new friends from the Lycée Classique High School. On the third day, he came to the camp with two of his older brothers. The brothers confessed that they thought their brother was going to get sick, but since he has started basketball training at the Camp Shriver, he has become less turbulent and sleeps very well. As for Ahman’s brothers, they have understood the need to play with him, and they have committed never to leave him aside any more.

About Me:

I am a Volunteer with Special Olympics Cote d'Ivoire. I was the Coordinator of the 2013 Camp Shriver held by SO Cote d'Ivoire on Sep.16-21, with a focus on Unified Basketball.