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Unified Football Gives Victor Lifetime Opportunities

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The journey to the Unified 7-a-side football tournament in South Africa to attend the Unity Cup was very interesting to me because of many things that happened in South Africa.

First of all I had a chance to reach and see many places that I had not seen before in South Africa,for example Pretoria, the Sun City, the Royal Bafokeng Nation and many others that I was just reading about in books, magazines, newspapers and what I saw on television back home in Uganda.

 Through Unified Football, I had a chance to meet and get many new friends who up to this day are communicating on Facebook and we exchange e-mails. We also had so much fun and joy during the Unified event held in the Royal Bofikeng National in Rustenburg, South Africa.

We had to play very hard and display our talents because all the teams at this tournament were high level Unified teams. Another great achievement is that I got a chance to be seen on the international South African television channel called Super Sport which is a dream to many sports people and it has happened to me. I only knew about my appearance on television when I returned to Uganda when I got back home as it was the first thing everyone was telling me about because they had seen me on television.

Wow, to this day, I still cannot believe it I made it on international television. I also had an opportunity to play in a massive stadium that was used as one of the FIFA World Cup stadiums in South Africa in 2010, the Bafokeng Stadium. Not many people have the opportunity to go into this stadium unless there is a football match to watch but I actually played on the field! Thanks to Special Olympics.

 Finally, I am again so privileged to have played on a Gold medal team. Special Olympics Uganda men won Gold and this changed my life because it was my dream to a have a Gold medal in my sports lifetime.

About Me:

My name is Matovu Andrew Victor, one of the Unified football team players from Uganda who attended the Unified 7-a-side tournament in South Africa, in Rustenburg.