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Union and Resilience in Mexico after the Earthquake

Edgar Piedra, Adrian Benitez y Ofelia Sanchez comparten sus experiencias después del terremoto en México.
Collage of pictures from SO Mexico
On September 19, an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale affected different sites in Mexico. Members of Special Olympics Mexico lived it and they continue working together to support the country and continue with their lives. Edgar Piedra, Special Olympics swimming athlete and Assistant Coach, is an example of this. After the earthquake, he took turns with his mother Maria Luisa to receive and classify donations in the collection center of one of the schools in the city.

Adrián Benítez thought that he would not celebrate the birthday of Mildred, his daughter and Special Olympics Athlete Leader, that same day. "This bitter experience has taught me that life can end in any moment. Life gave me another chance to be with my family and enjoy each moment as if it was the last."

Ofelia Sánchez, volunteer and mother of the Athlete Leader Carlos Bravo, was with her children at the time of this disaster, except Carlos. He was working and received assistance from people who were with him. "This event teaches us the lesson to have the conversation with our family members with disabilities about the precautions they must consider." Also, her daughter Irais collected food and was able to send them to Oaxaca thanks to contacts from Special Olympics Mexico’s coaches.

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