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What being a Special Olympics athlete means to me

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Me doing the running long jump at 2010 national games in lincoln nebraska
I became an athlete when I turned 8. I participate in track and field. My events are awesome and I have been to plenty of state games.

I love Special Olympics because it made me come out of my shyness and let me meet lots of friends. In 2010 I went to my 1st ever National games for Team New York in Lincoln, Nebraska for one week. I met a lot more friends there. In my events I took gold in my 100 meter dash and I took bronze in my running long jump. My dad used to coach me till he hurt his back.

I love my fellow athletes and look forward every year to track and field starting so I can see all my friends and strive to do my best. I love all my coaches and thank them all the time when I compete. I also thank the volunteers because without them we wouldn't be able to compete in our events. I love Special Olympics and won't stop track and field till my body can't take it anymore. I'll be a coach then.

About Me:

I am a 33 year old female from Troy, NY. I have been an athlete since i was 8 years old. I compete in track and field my events are 100 meter dash,running long jump and the 4x100 relay.