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Grit Wins

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After a grueling 3-hour match, the equivalent of 2.5 games, a draw was declared by the referees awarding gold to both the women's Bangladesh and men's Iran floor hockey teams competing in the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games, in Austria. 

The highly competitive and oftentimes physical game saw both teams aggressively attacking each play. The intensity never lowered throughout each 3-minute period - 22 in all vs 9, 3-minute periods in a regulation game with an ending score of 0-0. The highly athletic and agile Bangladesh team has only been playing together for roughly 2 months prior to traveling to the Games. Despite exceptional defense, speed and a determined offensive strategy that kept the puck in Iran's zone for most of the game, Bangladesh was not able to break through Iran's defense even during several penalty opportunities. Likewise Iran's tough style of play kept the puck out of the net and moving back through the neutral zone throughout the game. 

One of only two all-female floor hockey teams competing at the Games, Tamara Akter said of the co-win, "We knew as a team that we would have to be mentally strong to compete with a team like Iran and assertively attack every play." "We believed and are so excited to share the gold with a worthy opponent."

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