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Hermann Kröll: The Father of Special Olympics Austria

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It was his last wish: Being part of Special Olympics 2017 at Austria. Hermann Kröll has been president of Special Olympics Austria from 1993 to 2016 and brought the World Games twice to his home country. In 2016, he died after his fight against cancer, but he was still a presence during the World Games 2017. During Opening Ceremony, there was a tribute to the former major of Schladming, explaining what Special Olympics meant to Hermann Kröll. Back at the 1980s, Special Olympics was not yet a huge global movement. Hermann Kröll changed everything with his vision. He had no direct connection to people with intellectual or other disabilities, yet he quickly saw the importantance of Special Olympics. So Kröll had an idea that changed everything: He brought the Special Olympics World Games to Austria in 1993. The slogan this year in Austria is “Heartbeat for the world.” For Hermann Kröll, the motto of his life was “Heartbeat for Special Olympics."

About Me:

Christian Alexander Hoch is a sports journalist from Germany. During the World Winter Games 2017 he is a part of the AIPS Young Reporters Program. Follow Christian Alexander Hoch on Twitter @c_a_hoch.