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I'm creating a coloring book for the 50th Anniversary

This is the cover for the Coloring book that I'm putting together for the 50th

My Name is Robert Jones and I have been working on a project since last year and I'm creating a coloring book for all ages about Special Olympics for everyone to have fun with and it's going to have puzzles and word finds and lot's of pages to color it's going to be 38 pages and it's going to be out for the 50th Anniversary coming up July 20th in Chicago and it's going to be all around the USA and also on the web sight for everyone to look at. I'm hoping that with this coloring book it will show what Mrs. Shriver did for people with disabilities and I think that it would also be helpful to Athletes, Coaches and also to educate the public that we are changing the world every day to and I think this book will be fun and will be pretty great we are going to run three hundred copies and see how things go from there. I have worked here for 21 years and have done some pretty cool things through the year but this project is the biggest I have done and I hope that it is a pretty big hit.

About Me:

My name is Robert Jones and I'm a Special Olympics Athlete from VA and I have been working in the main office for 21 years and I'm kind of an artist and I have done so many pictures and I always do our holiday cards for the end of the year and it's always a hit and I also created the Camp Shriver Logo as well and I also have done lot's of drawing s for Coke and the torch tun and also for Capital Hill day I create the logos for that as well. I was in the 1999 World Summer games for unified softball and in 2011 I was working as an SOI staff Member in Athens Greece which was an awesome experience as well.